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Capitol Weekly’s Top 100: Ten Years and Counting



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A lot has changed in California politics over the last ten years. We have gone from a novice celebrity governor to a seasoned hand to our first Gen X executive. We’ve seen record budget deficits and record surpluses. We have transitioned to a plurality Latino state and have seen the gap between haves and have-nots grow larger than ever before.
During that time, Capitol Weekly has changed, too. We’ve gone from ‘that print rag that publishes everyone’s salary’ to ‘that Web site that publishes the list.’
Ahh, the list.
Sure, the names in the halls of power have changed, but the list abides. The definition of housing crisis has morphed from mortgage foreclosure to record homelessness, but the list abides. We’ve seen Brannan’s become Chops, then the Diplomat (for a bit longer at least), but through it all, the list abides.

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