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Peeve’s Public House shuts its doors



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by David Taub

Craig Scharton has been one of downtown Fresno’s biggest boosters. He left his job as City Hall’s downtown “czar” to put his money where his mouth is: opening a restaurant on the Fulton Mall. But two years after taking the big leap, Peeve’s Public House is no more. Scharton, after closing his eatery temporarily, made the move permanent.

“I knew that it would be risky to try to get people to our business while the mall was still in place. I took the risk because I thought it was important to keep the only nighttime business on the Fulton Mall alive and to show that there was a community of supporters for fun, locally-focused businesses,” Scharton wrote on Facebook.

Peeve’s stayed true to its “public house” concept. It served as a meeting place for an eclectic mix of groups and hobbyists. It hosted debate watching parties as well as game board enthusiasts. Governor Jerry Brown and his dog visited Peeve’s, as well as rock & roll legend Alice Cooper.

Now, everything must go. Scharton is selling the assets of Peeve’s Public House Sunday (October 9) starting at 7 a.m. at the location on 1243 Fulton.

Scharton recently announced he is started a new financial company to invest in downtown called Fulton Street Investors. He also announced on Facebook he was selling his

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