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Goodbye Robocalls? Probably Not.

NEW YORK — An anti-robocalls measure signed into law Monday by President Donald Trump should help reduce the torrent of unwanted calls promising lower interest rates or pretending to be the IRS, though it won't make all such calls disappear. The new law gives authorities more enforcement powers and could...

Robocalls Slammed My Phone. Are the Big Carriers Fighting This?

The phone tone warbled on my trusty, two-year-old Android. I looked at the screen. It wasn't a familiar number, but had Fresno's 559 area code. I accepted the call. A robotic, male voice began to alert me that my Social Security number had been suspended because of suspicious activity. Oh,...

Sick of Robocalls to Your Cell Phone? Here's How To Beat Them.

Remember the good ol' days when your cell phone was safe from robocalls? Technology has enabled the bad guys to overwhelm cell phones, just like they did landlines. But common sense and technology provide irritated cell-phone users with the means to strike back against the robo-dialing bad guys. Three cheers...