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Phone, Laptop Searches at U.S. Airports Rising Rapidly, Suit Says

WASHINGTON — U.S. government searches of travelers' cellphones and laptops at airports and border crossings nearly quadrupled since 2015 and are being conducted for reasons beyond customs and immigration enforcement, according to papers filed Tuesday in a federal lawsuit that claims going through electronic devices without a warrant is unconstitutional....

California Approves Free Phones, Internet for Foster Youth

LOS ANGELES — Young people in California's foster system will have access to free cellphones and internet access under a new program that supporters say will bridge a "digital divide." The California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday approved the $22 million pilot program that will provide a smartphone to more...

Sick of Robocalls to Your Cell Phone? Here's How To Beat Them.

Remember the good ol' days when your cell phone was safe from robocalls? Technology has enabled the bad guys to overwhelm cell phones, just like they did landlines. But common sense and technology provide irritated cell-phone users with the means to strike back against the robo-dialing bad guys. Three cheers...