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Putin Hosts Turkey's Leader to Discuss Syria, Weapons Deals

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday hosted Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan for talks focusing on the situation in Syria, the sale of advanced Russian missiles to Turkey and other economic deals. Erdogan's visit to Russia, his third this year, underlined increasingly close ties between the two countries...

Report: Turkey Seeks Warrant for NBA Player Enes Kanter

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkish prosecutors are seeking an international arrest warrant for New York Knicks player Enes Kanter, accusing him of membership in a terror organization. Sabah newspaper says the Istanbul chief prosecutor's office had also prepared an extradition request for the NBA player. Officials at the prosecutor's office could...

Turkey's Erdogan Vows US Boycott, but Diplomats Resume Talks

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's president appeared to escalate a dispute with the United States that has helped foment a Turkish currency crisis, claiming Tuesday that his country will boycott U.S.-made electronic goods. Behind the scenes, however, diplomats resumed contact to ease tensions. Addressing a conference of his ruling party faithful...