Photo of medical workers in Syria

Aid Group Says Mideast Lockdowns Hinder Humanitarian Efforts

CAIRO — An international aid group said Wednesday that closures aimed at containing the coronavirus pandemic are preventing it from reaching 300,000 people in conflict zones across the Middle East, as the coronavirus arrived in war-torn Libya and three more ca...
Photo of military in the Middle East

Top Commander Sees Increased Iran Threat in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — There has been an increase in Iranian activity in Afghanistan that poses a risk to American and coalition troops there, a senior U..S. commander said, as the threat from Tehran continues to churn across the Middle East. “Iran has always...
Photo of President Trump

President Trump Talks to Nation on Iran: This Is the Transcript

The following is a transcript of President Donald Trump's remarks on Iran this morning after Iran’s ballistic missile strike on two airbases in Iraq that housed American and coalition forces: Listen to this article: