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Study: California Law Lifts Vaccination in 'High-Risk' Areas

SACRAMENTO — A study released this week has found that a law aimed at boosting vaccination rates across California had the greatest effect in high-risk areas where the vaccination rates were the lowest. The peer-reviewed study published in the journal PLOS Medicine on Monday shows that the 2016 legislation contributed to a...

California May Boost Rules for Homes at High Wildfire Risk

SACRAMENTO — Years of increasingly deadly California wildfires spurred lawmakers to consider regulations Tuesday that would toughen local governments' requirements for approving housing developments in high-risk areas. A state Senate committee voted 8-3 Monday to advance a measure requiring developers to increase fire protections, plan for evacuations, or prepare for...

Will California Fires Make Homeowners Insurance Harder to Get?

California homeowners may find themselves facing insurance headaches even if their houses weren't affected by this year's blazes. The California Department of Insurance had already warned this year that the increasing number and severity of wildfires were making it harder for homeowners in the state to find and hold onto...