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Fresno County Out of COVID-19 Drug, Tired Doctors Welcome Military Help

The federal government is pushing out remdesivir as fast as it can get it, and yet Fresno County says the cupboard is bare. The potentially life-saving drug, which has anecdotally helped COVID-19 patients in the Valley, is hard to come by. The hospitals that do have it are sharing it...

UCSF-Fresno Doctor Uses 'Promising' Drug on Covid-19 Patients

It's a four-syllable drug we may need to all learn by next month: "remdesivir." GV Wire spoke with the UCSF-Fresno doctor leading a local study on the drug. Dr. Eyad Almasri says he's already given the drug to four patients, and the hospital has only had it in stock for a...

Experimental COVID-19 Drug Cleared for Clinical Trials at Northern California Hospital

"A promising investigational drug." Those words are being written quite a bit during these days as politicians, scientists, and the general public explore avenues for combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Those same words were used in a press release from Saint Joseph Hospital in Humbolt County in announcing their participation in...