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The Deciders: Meet the Lawmaker Behind New Gig Economy Law

By Byrhonda Lyons and Laurel Rosenhall, CalMatters Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a Democrat from San Diego, is among California’s more powerful state lawmakers and an ally of labor unions. This year, she led the fight to win new protections for gig workers, and won passage of a landmark workplace bill, AB 5....

What to Watch as CA Lawmakers Wrap up, From Gators to the Gig Economy

Endangered species, gig workers, children, universities, privacy, parolees who want to vote, people who want straighter teeth, and alligators. As California lawmakers wrap up the final week of the 2019 legislative year, the issues they are taking up are sweeping and eclectic, as end-of-session to-do lists usually are. More than...