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Congressmen Deride 'No Match' Letters. Does Farm Bureau Leader Agree?

Last week, Congressmen Jim Costa (D-Fresno) and TJ Cox (D-Fresno) sounded the alarm about the Social Security Administration reinstating the practice of sending “no match” letters to employers. The letters notify employers that an employee’s name and social security number don't match. SSA encourages corrective action, such as filling out...

Fresno Groups Cancel Meeting With Turkish Ag Delegation

After complaints from Fresno’s Armenian community, a scheduled meeting between a Turkish agricultural delegation and local business leaders is off the calendar. “Out of respect to our community, the upcoming event scheduled for January 15 with an agriculturally-based Turkish delegation to Fresno has been canceled,” the Fresno EDC, Fresno Chamber...

Fresno County Crops Eclipse $7 Billion in 2017

It's amazing what a wet year can mean to the Valley's farming economy. The rains of 2017, coming after five years of drought, enabled Fresno County growers, ranchers, and dairymen to eclipse $7 billion in agricultural production last year. It was a record total for the county. Fresno County's total...