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Mexico Farm Town Prepares Funerals After 9 Americans Slain

LA MORA, Mexico — With Mexican soldiers guarding the entrance to town, hundreds of people converged on this remote farming community for the first funerals Thursday for the nine American women and children killed in an ambush by drug cartel gunmen. A single, large grave was dug to hold the...

Deadly Ambush on Americans Shows Mexico Lost Control of Area

COLONIA LEBARON, Mexico — When drug cartel gunmen opened fire on American women and children in northern Mexico, the Mexican Army, the National Guard and Sonora state police were not there to protect them. It took them about eight hours just to arrive. To villagers and others, the bloodshed seemed...

After Deadly Mexico Ambush, Stories of Bravery and Horror

GALEANA, Mexico — The eight children, some mere infants, who survived the ambush in northern Mexico not only escaped the drug cartel gunmen who killed their mothers but managed to hide in the brush, with some walking miles to get help despite grisly bullet wounds. In a testament to a...