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District Attorney Says Voters Allowing Bad Behavior to Continue with Prop. 20 Loss

California's Proposition 20 on Tuesday's ballot aimed to roll back criminal justice reforms state voters approved in 2014 that reclassified some theft and drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. Under Prop. 20, prosecutors would have flexibility to charge certain property crimes of more than $250, such as “serial shoplifting” and car...

DA Has Message for Newsom After Not Filing Charges on Restaurant Owners

Restaurant owners were quick to celebrate after Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp didn't file criminal charges against them for failing to comply with state-mandated orders during the pandemic. House of JuJu, Pismo's Coastal Grill, Culichi Town, and Luna's Pizzeria were all cited by agents from state Alcohol Beverage Control....

With Congress on Board, It's Not Business as Usual for Fresno Pimps & Their Allies

From the streets and courtrooms of Fresno to the halls of Congress and the White House, human traffickers are being sent a loud message. Americans are fed up with them preying on vulnerable young women and boys and shattering their lives. Following the overwhelming passage of the Fight Online Sex Trafficking...