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Arctic in Hot Water: Sea Ice Minimal in Chukchi, Bering Seas

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The U.S. research vessel Sikuliaq can break through ice as thick as 2.5 feet. In the Chukchi Sea northwest of Alaska this month, which should be brimming with floes, its limits likely won’t be tested. University of Washington researchers left Nome on Nov. 7 on the 261-foot...

Dutch Inventor Says His Ocean Cleaning Boom Is Working

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — After a series of setbacks, a system for catching plastic floating in the Pacific between California and Hawaii is now working, its Dutch inventor said Wednesday. Boyan Slat, a university dropout who founded The Ocean Cleanup nonprofit, announced that the floating boom is skimming up waste...

Headed to the Coast? Check Out the Majestic Lighthouses.

Depending on how you measure it, the California coastline is 840 miles to 3,427 miles long (the latter figure includes inlets and bays). Enhancing the coastline's spectacular appeal are many historic lighthouses and light stations protecting vessels from large rocks, prominent points, and other hazards. Info, Maps for Lighthouses Additional information...