Depending on how you measure it, the California coastline is 840 miles to 3,427 miles long (the latter figure includes inlets and bays).

Enhancing the coastline’s spectacular appeal are many historic lighthouses and light stations protecting vessels from large rocks, prominent points, and other hazards.

Info, Maps for Lighthouses

Additional information on the lighthouses and beaches is at this link.

And here is a link to California’s lighthouses compiled by Kraig Anderson at

Here are pictures of some — but not all — of our favorite California lighthouses from Shutterstock.

Santa Cruz Breakwater (Walton) Lighthouse

Photo of Santa Cruz Breakwater (Walton) Lighthouse

Long Beach Harbor Lighthouse

Photo of Long Beach Harbor Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse

Photo of Battery Point Lighthouse

Point Cabrillo Light State Historic Park

Photo of Point Cabrillo Light State Historic Park

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Photo of Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Point Pinos Lighthouse

Photo of Point Pinos Lighthouse

Alcatraz Island Lighthouse

Photo of Alcatraz Island Lighthouse

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Photo of Point Bonita Lighthouse

Point Fermin Lighthouse

Photo of Point Fermin Lighthouse

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Photo of Point Reyes Lighthouse

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