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California Considers Calling THC in Pot a Risk to Moms-to-Be

LOS ANGELES — More than three years after California voters broadly legalized marijuana, a state panel is considering if its potent, high-inducing chemical — THC — should be declared a risk to pregnant women and require warnings. Studies have indicated that a rising number of mothers-to-be have turned to marijuana...

Q&A: Mark Ruffalo on Playing the Lawyer Who Took on DuPont

LOS ANGELES — Mark Ruffalo learned about corporate attorney Rob Bilott, who for 20 years battled DuPont to expose the harmful effects of the chemical PFOA, along with most of the country: In 2016 through an article in The New York Times Magazine. A cold call from a West Virginia...

Appeals Court Tells EPA to Ban Harmful Ag Pesticide

WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court has ruled that the Trump administration endangered public health by keeping a widely used pesticide on the market despite extensive scientific evidence that even tiny levels of exposure can harm babies' brains. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Thursday...