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Is America Ready for Gay President? Iowa Casts First Votes

DES MOINES, Iowa — The question posed to Pete Buttigieg — gay, married and running for president — came from a supporter at an Iowa campaign stop: What should he tell friends who say America isn't ready to elect a gay man as president? That prompted a woman in the...

Walters: Kamala Harris Grabs for the Brass Ring

President Kamala Harris? She thinks so, anyway. After just 1 1/2 terms as California’s attorney general and two years as a U.S. senator, Harris this week declared her candidacy for the White House. She joins a Democratic field that grows larger every day and could eventually reach two or three dozen...

LA Mayor: Trump Sows Division, Does 'Racist Things'

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, considering a 2020 presidential run, said Thursday that President Donald Trump has done "plenty of racist things" to divide the nation while failing to deliver on health care reform and other promises. In an interview with The Associated Press, the two-term Democratic...