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Puffins Fill up Nesting Islands This Year Despite Challenges

PORTLAND, Maine — One of the most beloved birds in Maine is having one of its most productive seasons for mating pairs in years on remote islands off the state's coast. Atlantic puffins, with their colorful beaks and waddling walks, are one of New England's best recognized seabirds. Maine is...

Nesting Penguins Can't Resist Lure of New Zealand Sushi Shop

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Two little blue penguins just couldn't stay away from a New Zealand sushi store, returning to nest there even after police had captured them and escorted them back to the ocean. Wellington police described them as "waddling vagrants," while the store's co-owner joked he had no...

Police Cameras Track Hawks’ Family Time on Clovis Water Tower

For more than two years, Clovis police have hosted an online reality show about a close-knit family whose home boasts an awesome view of the city. In early 2018, the two remote-controlled cameras mounted on Old Town Clovis' iconic water tower captured a heart-warming scene: two adult red-tailed hawks had...