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Fresno Army Combat Veteran Explains Why US Shouldn’t Send Troops to Ukraine



Retired Army MSGT Albert Baker of Fresno, right, says the U.S. should support Ukraine with weapons, but not send troops there. (GV Wire Composite/Paul Marshall)
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GV Wire videographer Albert Baker is a recently retired 23-year Army master sergeant and infantry veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“There is no harder thing to do in this world than to hand that folded (American) flag to a mother,” Baker said of the ceremony honoring a fallen service member. “It is gut-wrenching and it is heart-breaking.

“War does not go away when you come home. … War sticks with you. It’s a stain on the lives, the minds, and the memories of all of those soldiers and all of their family members. And it will stick with them to the very day that they die.”

Asked whether the United States should send troops to Ukraine, Baker answered:

“This is not our war. … It’s a fight for the Ukrainians to have. We can help them with logistical support. We can help them with weapons support. I was once a Javelin (anti-tank missile) gunner. We are sending a lot of Javelins over there. We’re sending a lot of defense munitions over there. These are the types of things we can do.”

Watch: Why US Troops Shouldn’t Deploy to Ukraine