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Russia’s State TV Hit by Stream of Resignations After Ukraine Invasion



A staff member of state-run Russian TV network burst on air to protest the country's invasion of Ukraine. (Channel One)
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When Russian TV producer Marina Ovsyannikova crashed the set on Monday’s nightly news program, denouncing the war in Ukraine and propaganda around it, her protest highlighted a quiet but steady stream of resignations from Russia’s tightly controlled state-run TV.

Some of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s biggest cheerleaders on state-run TV have already faced sanctions, including Vladimir Solovyov who presents a talk show on Russia’s biggest channel Rossiya-1, and Margarita Simonyan who has accused anyone ashamed of being Russian at this point of not really being Russian.

Russia’s state-run channels are required to toe the Kremlin line, so who has quit in response to the war?

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