TV political analyst Ana Navarro will appear for a lecture at Fresno City College tomorrow at noon. The Republican strategist, who has broken ranks with the party to support the Democratic presidential ticket, is speaking as part of the FCC Speakers Forum.

The conservative pundit is expected to talk about her reasons for breaking with President Donald Trump in 2020 and the current political atmosphere, according to a news release from the college.

Worked as Adviser to Several Republican Candidates

Navarro has previously worked as an adviser to Jeb Bush, John McCain and Jon Huntsman. She makes regular appearances on CNN, ABC News and ABC’s “The View.”

During a CNN appearance last year, Navarro infamously filed her nails during an immigration debate and defended her Republican bonafides against inferences that she is a “leftist” for opposing Trump.

Lecture Rescheduled Because of Pandemic

Navarro was scheduled to visit Fresno City College in person last April — a visit scrapped because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, Navarro will appear virtually by Zoom teleconferencing. The public is invited, but needs to register at this link.

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