Chabad Fresno wanted to thank police for the service they provide.

So, they set up a canopy at their Shepherd Avenue synagogue on Wednesday to hand out “copcakes” and water to police officers who came by.

Fresno police officer Steve Jacobson even received an impromptu “Bar Mitzvah” ceremony, complete with prayers and tefillin (religious arm and head wrappings).

Remembering Departed Rabbi Motivated Police Thank You

Chabad Fresno picked Wednesday to honor police because it was the anniversary of the death of spiritual leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson of Brooklyn.

“To the world, a little bit of light (dispels) a lot of darkness,” said Chabad Fresno spiritual leader Levy Zirkind about Schneerson’s philosophy.

Other members of the congregation gathered as police officers and members of the community stopped by.

“We are here to spread goodness and kindness. They support us, we support them. We have to show that our community stands strong,” Zirkind said.

A woman stopped by with her husband to donate money.

“We’ll make this donation, because we support out cops too, and we appreciate what you’re doing.”

The money will be used to help pay for the cupcakes, with the rest for police.

Hoping Idea Will Spread

Chanie Zirkind and her husband, Rabbi Zirkind, have been on ride-alongs with the police.

“As I hear people talk not the nicest things about the police, it really hurts me very deeply. I felt like we had to honor them,” Chanie Zirkind said.

She hopes other houses of worship hold similar events: “We would love that.”

4 Responses

  1. Bill Thacker

    God Bless Rabbi Levy this is the type of positive influence Fresno needs not the haters that want no law and order . Rabbi akso does a good job in area prisons offering sp I ritual guidance for those willing to seek changes in their lives.

  2. Tish

    What a thoughtful token of appreciation! Officers can really use this boost to their morale right now. They sacrifice so much on their job and with their families. Thank you Rabbi Levy and wife for taking the time to show them support and love!


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