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With His Practice Closed, Fresno Dentist Begins Producing Coronavirus Test Swabs



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While his practice is on pause, a Fresno dentist is finding a way to give some much-needed aid to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
Dr. Ryan Dunlop runs Better Life Dentistry in northwest Fresno. Given California’s current shelter-in-place order, which prohibits dentistry, Dunlop shuttered his practice for the time being and sent his employees home.
“It was very hard for me to close the practice down, even temporarily, because I have patients that depend on me and staff that depends on me,” Dunlop said. “It was very heavy-hearted that I had to shut my doors for an undetermined amount of time. So in my mind I was feeling restless wanting to know how I could help contribute to getting back to normal, or at least as close as we can.”
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