Secretary of State Alex Padilla is a busy man. Not only is he responsible for running a statewide election in less than 90 days, he is also leading California’s census count effort.

Padilla, in the middle of his second term as secretary of state, recently visited Fresno, chairing a day-long Census Complete Count Committee meeting. Take 5 spoke with him during a break in the action.

Padilla on the Census, Elections, and More

During the Take 5 (watch the video above), Padilla answered questions on:

— How the census may affect whether California continues to have 53 members in the House of Representatives.

— The challenges of counting a county as diverse as Fresno County.

— Recent voter registration trends.

— Efforts to prevent voter fraud now that every voter will be mailed a ballot at home.

— His plans after he terms out of office in 2022.


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