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Newly Renovated Peerless Building Debuts With ArtHop Event



Artist's rendering of Peerless Buildings
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Fresno’s innovators, makers, and engineers have a new hub with the opening of the recently renovated Peerless Building downtown at 1755 Broadway Street.
The public can check it out Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
There will be a grand opening art show for the building, featuring over 40 artists along with a welcome celebration for the building’s first tenants, Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering and its non-profit organization, The Pi Shop.

Building First Housed Peerless Pumps

The Peerless Building, originally owned by the Peerless Pump Company, is rooted in Fresno’s inventive spirit. The company’s pumps have been used for nearly 90 years across the Valley’s agricultural operations as well as in many buildings downtown and beyond.
Original artifacts such as manufacturing equipment and windows have remained intact as a nod to the past while aiming to inspire the future. What was once a manufacturing facility is now a 30,000-square-foot mixed-use space.
“We are providing a place where creative entrepreneurs can thrive,” said Nader Assemi. “We found the right space, and then combined stimulating elements like brick, concrete, wood, and natural light to inspire and fuel innovation. Our job as the developer was to create the venue, but the tenants will ultimately make it what it is.”

Blue Dolphin’s Track Record of Success

Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering and the company’s product incubator, The Pi Shop, occupy 11,000 square feet.
“My endeavors have always thrived in an environment filled with creativity and innovation,” says Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering CEO Mark Jackson. “Because of the inspired creative movement that has been smoldering in downtown Fresno, I was excited about the possibility of expanding my team’s efforts to the Peerless Building.”
Blue Dolphin Design & Engineering has contributed worldwide to idea and product development. Offering a variety of services from design elements to prototyping to machine design, Blue Dolphin’s team has more than 150 years of combined experience. Its track record of success includes work for companies such as Quickie-Sunrise Medical, Grundfos and Raindrip.