One week after GV Wire reported about the plight at Jack’s Resort RV Park, which provides low-income housing in trailers near Mendota, public and private agencies say they are working to alleviate the situation.

The California Housing and Community Development department cited 161 health and safety violations in early April at the RV park following an inquiry from this media organization.

HCD, the state agency in charge of RV parks, accused the landlords of not having the proper permits to rent the space to as many people as they did. The owners also received violations for improper hookups of electricity, water and sewer.

“We were kind of upset. …There is no housing out here.” Jack’s Resort RV park resident Eddie Mendoza

The park, three miles east of the Mendota city limits, has operated for decades along the Fresno Slough. The park has spaces for camping, as well as RV trailer parking. Many residents use the park as their permanent residence.

“We were kind of upset. We don’t know where we’re going to put the trailer. There are no trailer parks out here. A lot of people don’t know how to pull them. There is no housing out here,” resident Eddie Mendoza said.

Jack’s Resort Owner: I’ll Fix It

Residents at 23 units within the park say the property’s owner served them with notices to leave within 30 days — by May 22.

“I’m going to fix it. I’m working with the county to fix it.” Jack’s Resort owner Saeed Mohamed

The notices blamed state enforcement for the necessity to move. The state said that is untrue. They did not make any order to shut down the RV park, just notices to fix the problems.

Jack’s Resort owner Saeed Mohamed told GV Wire on Tuesday, “I’m going to fix it. I’m working with the county to fix it.” He did not elaborate further.

As to why some, but not all, the residents received notices to leave, Mohamed said, “I want nobody there.” Again, he would not provide further explanation.

The state’s violation report ordered Mohamed to “remove all illegal structures and utilities.” It also stated the owner could make the proper permit requests to operate beyond the 20 spaces he is now allowed.

County Says They Are Helping

Fresno County Supervisor Brian Pacheco, whose district includes the RV park, said the county is working with the state on its enforcement actions. That includes the social services department helping residents transition to new housing.

County Public Works is assisting HCD, according to Public Works Assistant Director Bernard Jimenez.

“The County will examine any actions necessary in order for the property owner to satisfy the applicable land use requirements and obtain any necessary building permits,” Jimenez wrote in an email. “The County’s objective is to continue to work with the State to develop solutions that achieves compliance and does not result in displacement of existing tenants.”

Other Advocates Also Aware

The director of Central California Legal Services said the organization has been contacted about the situation at Jack’s Resort.

“We are considering (the) next steps in this urgent matter,” CCLS attorney Emilia Morris said. Morris said that she could not reveal details because of attorney-client privilege.

Representatives from the Fresno Housing Authority said they are also aware of the situation.

Resident Says He’ll Wait It Out

Mendoza isn’t too concerned about the notice to leave.

“My plan is to stay here and stick it out. There is nothing he can do with the documents and paperwork. I know he cannot force us to leave and throw us out of here.”

Mendoza said that speaking with property owner Mohamed has been elusive.

“He don’t want to talk to nobody,” Mendoza said. “I’m not worried about it. He can’t take us out of here just like that.”

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  1. David Taub
    David Taub

    From what I’m told, the park is completely empty. Not sure about the exact answer about overnight camping, though.

  2. Peter Lang

    When were all the trailers removed from Jack’s Resort as I went by today to remove a trailer that I had been storing there to use for hunting across the Hwy in the Mendota Wildlife Area ? Any idea if the trailers can be reclaimed ?


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