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Sex. Drugs. Virus. Venezuela Elites Still Party in Pandemic

MIAMI — They whiled away the week on a sex- and drug-fueled romp: dancing on white-sand beaches and frolicking on a paradisaical Caribbean island with prostitutes from Europe, some snapping selfies with famous reggaeton artists. But unbeknownst to several children of Venezuela's ruling elite, the coronavirus was spreading among them....

As New Protests Loom, Was Venezuela Opposition Outplayed?

CARACAS, Venezuela — Wary Venezuelans braced for another day of upheaval Wednesday as both the opposition and Nicolás Maduro's loyalists vowed to take to the streets, hoping to tip the balance in an agonizing power struggle that appeared to grow even more desperate after a so far unsuccessful attempt to...

Street Clashes Erupt as Venezuela's Guaido Urges Uprising

CARACAS, Venezuela — Anti-government demonstrators clashed with troops loyal to Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro at an air base in the capital hours after opposition leader Juan Guaidó took to the streets in a bold and risky attempt to lead a military uprising against the embattled socialist. The early-morning rebellion seems...