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That's a Fumble, Mr. Brady: Seaver is the Only Tom Terrific

It appears Tom Brady has a stunted grasp of sports history. A company that manages Brady's financial matters recently filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to lock down a nickname for the New England Patriots quarterback. It would be trademarked for trading cards, posters, printed photos and other...

Tom Brady Saves 1st Tweet for April Fools' Day: I'm Retiring

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Don't. Even. Joke. New England Patriots fans who forgot that Monday is April Fools' Day might have been panicking when quarterback Tom Brady tweeted that he had decided to retire. The six-time Super Bowl champion has joined Twitter and his first post said simply: "I'm retiring. In my spare...

Cheer for the Rams, but in California High Schools, Even Football Powerhouses Are Losing Kids

If the Golden State has a rooting interest in the Super Bowl on Sunday, it won’t just be because the Los Angeles Rams will be on the field. Roughly one player in six on the Rams’ and New England Patriots’ active rosters is a product of California high schools. Year...