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COVID-19 Kills Parks-Safety Sales Tax Effort, Brand Says

Mayor Lee Brand says there is no chance that a successor to Measure P — the 2018 sales tax measure for parks currently ruled to have failed — will be on the November ballot. "You're going to see nothing on the November ballot. The COVID crisis and the consequence, which is...

Walters: Court Must Fix Tax Vote Ambiguity

Sooner or later, the state Supreme Court must clear up a legal ambiguity it created over how many votes are needed to enact local tax increases. It should be sooner, because a new election year is nigh, dozens — and perhaps hundreds — of local tax measures are being drafted...

Walters: Conflict Over Votes for Local Taxes Heats Up

For decades, it’s been an article of political faith – as well as law – that local government taxes designated for particular purposes require two-thirds approval by voters. The supermajority vote provision was created by Proposition 13, California’s famous – or infamous – property tax limit measure, passed by voters...