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Nearly Half of California Students Can’t Read at Grade Level. Here’s What We Must Do About It.

The number of California students who cannot read is shocking. Results from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress show that only 32% of fourth-graders are reading proficiently. These results put California below the national average and behind 25 other states. While the ranking is cause for concern, the difference in absolute...

Ryan Leaf Uses His Story to Help Other Former NFL Players

Ryan Leaf spent most of his time in prison alone and angry until a military veteran persuaded the former No. 2 overall NFL draft pick to stop self-loathing long enough to help fellow inmates learn to read. Now the once-star college quarterback who is widely considered the biggest bust in...

$10 Million Prize Ready for Software That Teaches Illiterate to Read

LOS ANGELES — The challenge was to develop software that could easily be downloaded onto tablets that poor children around the world could use to teach themselves to read, write and do simple arithmetic. The incentive was $10 million for the winner. Nearly 200 teams from 40 countries around the...