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Poll Confirms Californians’ Sour Mood on Higher Taxes

Proposition 15 would have been the largest tax increase in California history and its defeat this month was, by any definition, a huge setback for its sponsors, primarily public employee unions. They had been yearning for decades to crack Proposition 13, the 1978 ballot measure that limits property taxes, and...

Don’t Believe Prop. 15 Backers. It’s a Big Tax Hike for Farmers.

What state imposes the highest average property tax burden on farmers and ranchers? Unfortunately, when it comes to taxes and regulations, you would be correct in guessing California every time — and now voters will decide if they want to double down on this state’s high-tax reputation by voting on Proposition 15....

Will Prop. 13 Tax Revision Help or Hurt Central Valley? Leaders Debate.

Central Valley leaders are taking sides on Proposition 15, the initiative to roll back some of the property tax protections provided by the famous Prop. 13 of 1978. Supporters say Prop. 15 will close a loophole in the tax system and help schools and communities. Opponents say it is a...