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Little and No Choice in Many Californian Legislative Races

SACRAMENTO — Millions of Californians have little or no choice when it comes to choosing a state legislator. In 24 of the 100 districts on the ballot, only candidates from one party are running. And in 15 of those districts, the incumbent lawmaker is unopposed and all but assured of...

UK Parties Promise End to Brexit Agony if They Win Election

LONDON — Britain's three major national political parties wooed weary voters on Tuesday, all promising an end to Brexit wrangling if they win next month's national election — but offering starkly different visions of how to achieve that. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says if his Conservative Party wins the Dec....

Poll: Majority of Republicans Support Legal Marijuana

LOS ANGELES — A growing majority of Americans, including Republicans, say marijuana should be legal, underscoring a national shift as more states embrace cannabis for medical or recreational use. Support for legal marijuana hit 61 percent in 2018, up from 57 percent two years ago, according to the General Social...