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Can Valley Researchers Wipe Out COVID-19 on Mass Transit?

Using smoke candles and viruses that infect bacteria (not humans), an experiment to stop COVID-19 with worldwide implications was staged on buses in Selma this week. A team of researchers is using different approaches to stop and eliminate coronavirus on mass transit — and eventually office buildings with large HVAC...

Fresno State Engineers Design Devices to Protect Healthcare Workers from COVID-19

Fresno State engineering students and their professors are trying to help protect healthcare workers from becoming infected with COVID-19 by designing and building face shields, masks, and air respirators. The mechanical engineering lab in Engineering West hummed Friday as 3-D printers churned out parts for face shields and masks. Some...

Time to Feed the D.O.G.! Fresno State's Day of Giving Is Here.

There are at least 24,139 reasons that you should consider donating on Fresno State's third annual Day of Giving. That's the number of students attending the university this fall. Listen to this article: Supporting First-Generation College Students Samantha Saucedo is among them. “Electronics were fascinating to me, so I began...