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Joe Biden Gets Backing of Key Latina Activist Dolores Huerta

WASHINGTON — Labor and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta on Friday endorsed Joe Biden for president, giving him the backing of one of the nation’s most prominent Latino leaders. The endorsement comes as the campaign says it’s ramping up Latino outreach, expanding some of the efforts it launched in key states...

Biden’s Ties to Obama Could Hamper Appeal to Latino Voters

WASHINGTON — Joe Biden's tenure as Barack Obama's vice president is complicating his efforts to deepen ties with Latinos who could be critical to winning the White House. For many Latinos, Biden's embrace of the Obama years is a frightening reminder of when the former president ejected about 3 million...

Trump Claims Rising Support From Latino Voters. There's No Proof of That.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is claiming his policies to stop illegal immigration are helping his standing with Latino voters, and he is taking undue credit for uniting families who were separated at the border. Trump made the statements in a sometimes combative interview airing Thursday on the Spanish-language network...