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Private Colleges Wary as Cal Legislator Calls for Crackdown on Legacy Admits

The nationwide scandal involving bribery in college admissions has also illuminated all the legal ways wealthy families can game the system. Now the debate over how to respond has hit the California Legislature, and struck a nerve not just with the state's public higher education system but also with private...

My Turn: Higher Ed Is a Prerequisite for Our Future. Community Colleges Are Key to That.

Pick an issue, any issue, and you’ll hear from the well-meaning throngs that theirs is a top priority for California’s long-term success. But the multitude of issues and solutions won’t bring about real, lasting change without addressing the common denominator that could make or break the Golden State: higher education....

These 4 Charts Show How Trump Tariffs Hurt All. Not Just China.

On March 22, the Trump administration lobbed its second volley in a planned escalation of punitive trade measures against America’s trading partners. The latest salvo targets China, the largest U.S. trading partner, and covers a much wider range of products than the first set of tariffs, which focused on steel...