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Colorado Dog Reunited With Florida Family After 2017 Theft

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. — A dog found abandoned in Colorado has been returned to its family, nearly two years after it was stolen in Florida as a puppy. Animal charity organization Wings of Rescue says the German Shepherd named Cedar was covered with snow in a rural Colorado ditch, apparently...

Good Boy! Meet Fresno's Newest Police K9's

Three new Fresno police dogs and their officer handlers were sworn in as members of the department's K9 Unit on Wednesday. The highly-trained dogs range in age from 16 months to 22 months and were introduced at a ceremony at Fresno PD's K9 facility in east-central Fresno. Police Chief Jerry...

TSA Opts for a Friendlier Look With Floppy-Eared Sniffer Dogs

The dogs deployed by the Transportation Security Administration at airports nationwide use their noses to sniff out explosives and contraband. But pooches selected for duty these days are picked not just for the ability of their snouts - the shape of their ears matters, too. TSA officials say the agency...