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Terrence Hopes Prosecutor Experience Wins Judgeship

Emotions overwhelmed Billy Terrence when GV Wire asked him about the most memorable case he prosecuted. In this segment of Take 5’s look at the four men vying for two spots on the Fresno County judiciary, Terrence talked about Janessa Ramirez. She was the 9-year-old girl killed by gang crossfire...

With FPOA Endorsement, Wilson Says He’s Best for Judge

When it comes to judicial races, it is common to find law enforcement groups supporting a candidate from the district attorney’s office. But Roger Wilson, a Fresno defense attorney who often represents law-enforcement clients, won the nod of the Fresno Police Officers’ Association. Wilson’s opponent for the open Fresno County Superior...

Take 5: Woodward Wants to Go from Child Welfare Attorney to Judge

Brent Woodward believes his variety of experience makes him the best choice for Fresno County judge. The attorney who works for the county child welfare department is running against Deputy District Attorney Robert Mangano. Both men are looking to replace Dennis Peterson, who is not running again for his Office...