Brent Woodward believes his variety of experience makes him the best choice for Fresno County judge.

The attorney who works for the county child welfare department is running against Deputy District Attorney Robert Mangano. Both men are looking to replace Dennis Peterson, who is not running again for his Office No. 8 seat.

Woodward points out that his family has lived in Fresno since the late 1800s, a distinction he believes voters will care about. He points out that Mangano moved to Fresno as an adult.

County judges are elected positions, just like any elected representative. They serve six-year terms. An open seat can be a rarity, usually when the incumbent retires.

Take 5 Topics

Woodward sat down with Take 5 to describe what makes him the best candidate. The discussion includes:

-His hopeful path from child welfare attorney to the bench

-What makes him different than his opponent, Robert Mangano

-How Woodward is handling not receiving any law enforcement endorsements

-Whether his views on social issues are relevant to the election

-His philosophy in sentencing/fining

Click on the video above to watch the segment.


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