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Fracking in California Gets Green Light After 9-Month Pause; Aera Energy Receives Permits

[aggregation-styles] Desert Sun California regulators on Friday issued fracking permits for the first time in nine months, saying federal scientists had given clearance for 24 permits to Aera Energy for oil well stimulation in Kern County. Another 282 applications remain on hold pending individual review, until a comprehensive audit of...

Oil From Federal Lands Tops 1B Barrels as Trump Eases Rules

BILLINGS, Mont. — Oil production from U.S.- managed lands and waters topped a record 1 billion barrels last year, federal officials said Tuesday, as technological advances helped drive development in new areas and the Trump administration eases rules on the industry. The production figure was up 122 million barrels, or...

Battle Lines Are Drawn Over Oil Drilling in California

Two announcements with implications for California’s oil industry whizzed past each other in recent weeks, revealing starkly conflicting visions for energy development. After a five-year hiatus on auctions for oil-drilling rights on federal land, Washington finalized a plan to allow them on more than 700,000 acres in 11 Central California counties. A more...