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Among Public, a Great Divide at Moment of Trump Impeachment

We interrupt the holiday spirit to bring you the impeachment of a president. In festive haunts, buzzing stores and rush-hour frenzy, Americans absorbed the moment Donald Trump became only the third president branded with the mark of impeachment, the Constitution's gravest political indictment. Depending whom you ask in this deeply...

Walters: California's Paradox of Wealth and Poverty

By happenstance, events in the final week of September perfectly framed what one might call the California Paradox — a thriving, world-class economy with stubbornly high levels of poverty and a widening divide between the haves and have-nots. The week began with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s keynote address to a United Nations-sponsored forum...

Poll: US Opposition to Immigration is Declining

SANTA ANA — A growing number of Americans say immigration levels should remain the same or increase, according to a major U.S. survey, a shift that comes as the Trump administration has ramped up immigration enforcement. At the same time, the latest data from the General Social Survey — a...