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Catalog of Polling Failure Includes Epic Miscalls and Unforeseen Landslides

The question looms in nearly every U.S. presidential election, even in this year’s race: Could the polls be wrong? If they are, they likely will err in unique fashion. The history of election polling says as much. That history tells of no greater polling surprise than what happened in 1948,...

Among Public, a Great Divide at Moment of Trump Impeachment

We interrupt the holiday spirit to bring you the impeachment of a president. In festive haunts, buzzing stores and rush-hour frenzy, Americans absorbed the moment Donald Trump became only the third president branded with the mark of impeachment, the Constitution's gravest political indictment. Depending whom you ask in this deeply...

Gun Control? It Takes More Than Walkouts & High Poll Numbers.

Why doesn’t the government do what the people want? After the recent deadly shooting at a Florida high school, many Americans are asking that question about the federal government’s firearms policy. Recent polls show that a majority of Americans support stronger gun laws – including tighter restrictions on purchasing and...