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Australian Crews Race to Contain Blazes as Damage Bill Soars

BALMORAL, Australia — Bolstered by cooler weather and desperately needed rain, exhausted firefighters in Australia raced to shore up defenses against deadly wildfires before the blazes flare again within days when scorching temperatures are expected to return. The first hints of the financial toll from the disaster began to emerge...

Big Island Residents Struggle a Year After Historic Eruption

LEILANI ESTATES, Hawaii — A year after a volcano on Hawaii's Big Island rained lava and gases in one of its largest and most destructive eruptions in recorded history, people who lost their homes and farms in the disaster are still struggling to return to their cherished island lifestyle. More...

My Turn: ‘Motor Voter’ Was a Disaster Waiting to Happen. And It Did.

In his re-election statement posted on the secretary of state’s website, Secretary of State Alex Padilla boasts: “In my first term, I’ve worked to expand access to the ballot box.” Perhaps he can take credit for some gains, but his “motor voter” program is a disaster and ought to be shut until...