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Fired Superintendent Sutton Thanks His Central Unified Supporters

In a meeting to decide Central Unified's interim leader, about 80 parents, teachers and students made it clear that they wanted Mark Sutton reinstated as superintendent. Eight spoke during 20 minutes of public comment, and all had a similar message: Bring back Sutton. But they also had a fallback position....

Central Unified Parents Ramp Up Support for Deposed Sutton

The support for deposed Central Unified Superintendent Mark Sutton appears strong. A private Facebook group called “Central United” consists of more than 1,200 members, mainly those from the Central Unified community. Some of the posts discuss the most recent boys' basketball championship. Most deal with the Sutton aftermath. Some are...

Anger & Surprise Over Sutton's Firing at Central

Central High School experienced the polarity of emotions on campus Tuesday (Feb. 27) night. At the gym, the boys’ basketball team experienced a thrilling playoff victory over Sunnyside. About an hour before that final buzzer, anger and sadness cast upon the auditorium on the other side of campus. The school...