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Environmental Win: Caglia Pulls Plug on Mega Industrial Park

A planned south Fresno business park project, touted by City Hall as an economic driver but pilloried by environmentalists, is no more. Caglia Environmental is pulling the plug on a 2-million square foot industrial park project, slated for Central and Orange avenues. The project received unanimous approval from the Fresno...

Why Did State AG Intervene in Caglia Industrial Park Lawsuit?

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says he intervened in a Fresno land use case in June because he wants to make sure the law is followed. “Our obligation as the department of justice is to make sure we are protecting all people in the state of California and all laws...

"Poverty Pimps" Redux: Brandau Unapologetic Over Criticism

For a 7-0 unanimous vote, the Fresno city council decision to approve a two-million square foot project in south Fresno brought out acrimonious debate usually unseen in chambers. Environmental activists representing neighbors near the proposed Caglia business park chafed at the potential health effects that construction and a 24/7 industrial...