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Democrats Questioning Robert Mueller to Focus on Obstruction

WASHINGTON — Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee who will question former special counsel Robert Mueller next week plan to focus on a narrow set of episodes laid out in his report, an effort to direct Americans' attention to what they see as the most egregious examples of President Donald...

Trump Forces Out Attorney General Jeff Sessions

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions was pushed out Wednesday as the country's chief law enforcement officer after enduring more than a year of blistering and personal attacks from President Donald Trump over his recusal from the Russia investigation. Sessions told the president in a one-page letter that he was submitting his...

Trump Calls on Sessions to End Mueller's Russia Probe

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump called Wednesday for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to put an end to special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, a day after Trump's former campaign chairman went on trial. Taking to Twitter to complain about the ongoing Russia investigation: ..This is a terrible situation and Attorney...