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County Hired Convicted Murderer in 2015. Dictos Says Hires Now Must Pass Background Checks.

Fresno County Assessor-Recorder Paul Dictos says he does not want another Tony Amundson situation. Amundson is an appraiser working for Dictos. Amundson has murder and assault convictions in his long-ago past that went unnoticed because no one bothered to ask before he was hired in 2015. They came to light...

Fresno County Employee Served Time for Murder. Now He's Running for Office.

By David Taub and Bill McEwen When Tony Morgan Amundson, an appraiser in the Fresno County Assessor-Recorder's Office, approached his boss about running for the elected position in Mariposa County, Paul Dictos encouraged him to give it a try. Imagine Dictos' surprise when he found out Monday (March 26) that...

Dictos Rights a Wrong & Wins Showdown With County Supervisors

Paul Dictos' moral streak is as straight as a ruler and as strong as steel. He doesn't bend. He doesn't capitulate. And, at age 74, he still calls on an inexhaustible reservoir of outrage to right the wrongs of government. All the more unusual: Dictos is the government. He is...