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Taco Plate, Dessert Plate, or Beer? Colton’s Social House Has it On $20.22 Special

As one of the participating Restaurant Week locations, Colton's Social House offers a taco variety plate, sweet desserts, or potent potables. For a restaurant that does not usually offer special deals, Colton's Social House (1150 Shaw Ave. in Clovis in the Sierra Vista Mall) offered its $20.22 deals to help...

Sweet Potato Tacos at 13 Prime Steak in Clovis? Yes, It’s Restaurant Week.

  You wouldn't expect a vegetarian dish at a fancy steakhouse, but Restaurant Week offers eateries a chance to experiment with new dishes. Restaurant Week runs through Sunday, Jan. 30, with at least 13 participants offering specials for $20.22. A full list of participating restaurants can be found here. At...