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Sweet Potato Tacos at 13 Prime Steak in Clovis? Yes, It’s Restaurant Week.



13 Prime Steak is offering three sweet potato tacos and a beer for $20.22. (California Restaurant Association)
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You wouldn’t expect a vegetarian dish at a fancy steakhouse, but Restaurant Week offers eateries a chance to experiment with new dishes.


Restaurant Week runs through Sunday, Jan. 30, with at least 13 participants offering specials for $20.22. A full list of participating restaurants can be found here.

At 13 Prime Steak in Clovis (1345 N. Willow Ave., Suite 190), the special includes three sweet potato tacos and a beer.

“Three tacos and a beer, and they are pretty good size, so you’ll probably get full,” says 13 Prime Steak owner Falina Marihart.

“We want to be able to bring specials that would be available to customers during January, when it’s a little bit slower for restaurants during that month,” Marihart said. “We have a lot of local restaurants who are participating and it’s great. It’s a great promotion because you can get new customers in and also feature different items that you wouldn’t feature before.”

Marihart is also a member of the Fresno chapter of the California Restaurant Association board.

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Sweet Potato Taco: Something Different

“It’s a great promotion because you can get new customers in and also feature different items that you wouldn’t feature before.”13 Prime Steak owner Falina Marihart

Tommy Chavez, the executive chef, chose sweet potato for the special.

“I enjoy utilizing the sweet potato … something different. We needed a vegan option on the menu when we had cauliflower on for a while, and it’s something I’ve done in the past, but we kind of tweak it a little bit to put it on here,” Chavez said.

Yes, Marihart says that despite “Steak” in the restaurant’s name, they get requests for vegetarian and vegan options.

What does a sweet potato taco taste like?

“You got a good flavor, you get a little bit of heat, you get a little bit of sweet, a little bit of crunch, a lot of texture to it,” Chavez said.

The Origin of 13 Prime

“We had a son and (my husband John) wanted to get out of the (food)  industry. And so he was out of the industry for about 13 years, and then we had an opportunity to open a restaurant,” Falina said. The 13 represented the age of their son when 13 Prime Steak opened and how long John was away from restaurants.

The restaurant opened in 2018, at the site of the former Mother Mary’s Italian restaurant.

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