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Bigfoot Joins Couple’s Anniversary Celebration in Colorado, Claims Facebook Post



Shannon and Stetson Parker, celebrating their 10th anniversary in Colorado, claim to have spotted Bigfoot, sparking online debate. (Shutterstock)
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A couple celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Colorado claim to have spotted the legendary creature, Bigfoot, during their trip.

Shannon and Stetson Parker were traveling on a train between Durango and Silverton when they allegedly saw the creature moving along the side of a mountain. Shannon Parker shared their experience on Facebook, stating that her husband first noticed something moving and suggested it might be Bigfoot.

Shannon described the creature as being at least six or seven feet tall and blending in with the mountain’s sage. She managed to take some photos, while a fellow passenger, identified as Brandon, recorded an 18-second video of the alleged sighting. The couple’s claim has sparked a mix of reactions online, with some expressing skepticism and others expressing belief in the existence of Bigfoot.

The Washington National Guard has previously described Bigfoot as a seven-foot-tall creature that has been part of folklore for centuries. The creature is also known as Sasquatch and has been described by alleged witnesses as a large, upright ape or a hairy human, sometimes standing over eight feet tall.

Video below:

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