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Majority of Americans Support Abortion Rights, Challenging Extreme GOP Measures: Poll



Most Americans support abortion rights and disagree with last year's Supreme Court's Dobbs decision, according to polling. (Shutterstock)
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A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll revealed that while most Americans support the right to have an abortion and disagree with last year’s Supreme Court Dobbs decision that revoked the guaranteed right to abortion in the country.

However, most also expressed a desire for some restrictions on abortion while opposing many of the measures that Republicans in red states are pushing.

The bottom line: 61% of the 1,300 poll respondents mostly support abortion rights, while 37% oppose.

Democrats and Republicans Divided on Abortion Limits

Although most Democrats favor longer timelines for abortion, even 42% of them want the limits of abortion to be established. Conversely, around a third of Republicans who support abortion restrictions believe in abortion rights, which constitutes a significant share for a party that considers antiabortion rights a political race litmus test.

Two-in-three poll respondents said they wanted to see abortion limited to the initial three months of pregnancy.

And, 64% of Americans oppose a law that would ban the use of a prescription pill or series of pills taken to end a pregnancy.

GOP Risks Alienating Voters with Unpopular Policies

The poll revealed that Republicans in red states are pushing unpopular policies, such as banning access to abortion medication and opposing safe-haven states for people seeking abortions from elsewhere.

To appeal to the GOP base, they risk turning off persuadable voters in general elections. According to the poll, Democrats are more reliable than Republicans in managing the issue of abortion by a ratio of 41% to 25%.


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