For over a year, 26-year-old Jordan Mendoza struggled with acid reflux that grew more debilitating each month.

“I had trouble swallowing and then weakness in my upper muscles, so I went to the doctor,” Mendoza says. “Because of COVID-19 everything was really spaced out and they would send me here, send me there, to see a specialist.”

But doctors elsewhere were unable to diagnose her and she experienced a lot of back-and-forth medical visits with no answers.

“One night I was laying down and I aspirated — the acid reflux went into my lungs — so my fiancé told me we had to go to the hospital, because it was affecting my breathing,” Mendoza describes.

He rushed her to Community Regional Medical Center — the Valley’s only hospital with multiple specialists and UCSF Fresno faculty doctors to treat and diagnose high-level-care patients like Mendoza. Teams of specialists went to work figuring out her mystery symptoms.

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